Welcome to my journey around local, sustainable food production in England and Wales. A journey among the passionate and committed....a story of unlikely heroes.


Locavore Coverage and Offer

Lovely photo-essay of a selection of places visited on my travels in a new food magazine, Locavore. Edited and published by Gavin Markham, the guy who runs Green Guides, it’s a high quality, quarterly journal exploring food as it should be. Gavin’s another man on a mission! Feels and looks good. Also discount subscription offer to FBS followers. To read more click on the post title or image.

Chagford Community Market Garden – Take II

The first time I visited Chagford Community Market Garden was a dark dank day with the mist rolling around the lower slopes of Dartmoor as the team gathered the last of the season’s leeks. In stark contrast the weather for my second visit could not have been better as a bright sun beamed out of a blue early autumn sky. One of those days when you were blessed to be alive. To read more click on the post title or image.

Special Offer From Locavore Magazine

One dark night in the depths of winter, many moons ago, I received an email from a one Gavin Markham asking if I was interested in being featured, with photographs from Feeding Body and Soul, in a new magazine he was aiming to launch – Locavore, a full colour magazine dedicated to local food issues. Its now here, and at special rates to FBS followers! To read more click on the post title or image.