Cross Green – I Grow, Therefore I Am!

_DSF4014ii Its July and things are now not just sown at Cross Green, but are actually are growing. We had become a community of growers!! We were alive.

I Grow, Therefore I Am

So who am I?

Where do I belong?

Do I belong anywhere?

I suspect that you think you know.

It’s so easy, match me with a stereotype and pop me in a pigeon hole

– a lowly pigeon hole.


I am what you define me,

with your clothes that fit and upward mobility.

You make it that way.

I comply, I’m made that way.

But, how you define me also defines you, does it not?

In stigmatising me, then you also fashion yourself.

We are entwined – two lives, three lives, four lives, everyone’s lives.

Your judgement is what places all of us.

But, I know, yes, I know that I am.

I breathe, I suffer, I smile (sometimes)

…..and I grow.

And in growing I free myself.

So will you also set me free?

Or am I forever destined to be what is in your head?

For more on the background of the Cross Green project see my previous post, from where the full history and background can be traced.

[Double clicking on any of the images will open up the images up in a slideshow format which you can then run using ‘left’ and ‘right’ buttons.  Full screen view can be opened with F11 – at least on my PC it is, actual key needed may vary. To get out of full screen its the same button, not ESC!]

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