Christmas Update

A few observant people have noticed that there doesn’t seem to have been a posting on Feeding Body and Soul for a little while – well like a several months! Ain-hospital-bedpologies for that, wasn’t the intention,  but had a few problems which I hadn’t anticipated!

All started with a heart attack which came on whilst walking locally in early October. As they go, not too serious a one but got me a couple of stents in the right hand side of the heart, three days in hospital and a four week, no driving/no lifting recuperation plan.

However I was re-admitted to hospital three weeks later with more chest pains. This time the full works – 5 hours of surgery and an urgent triple heart bypass on the left side arteries! That was early November, and I’m now just about half way through a 3 to 4 month recuperation period. I’m just starting to do a few things and not needed pain killers for a few days now. Yeh!! Plus – big thing – approved for driving again on Tuesday when I saw the surgeon! Psychologically a massive boost, pathetic as it is.

Its been a fascinating experience, not least seeing the NHS at close quarters – so much skill and compassion, yet so limited resources. The shortage of beds, as a simple starter, is just crippling. I guess so long as we the public put up with it, no political party is going to propose increasing taxes to correct it. We should be up in arms.

My target now is to re-launch things by taking up an invitation for an Exhibition at Dean Clough Mills in Halifax at the end of January. The book would be launched there too, with, fingers crossed, the blog back to full flow before then. May be a bit optimistic but I’d like to try, Dean Clough is a great place.

So, more soon (hopefully!!). Wherever you are and whatever your allegiances to it, have a lovely Christmas and all the very best for 2017.


  1. Enjoyed reading through your archives recently. All the best for your recuperation!


  2. Jill Houlden

    Glad to read that you are on the mend.


  3. elaine vizor

    Hi Walter, So sorry to hear of your setbacks but very glad to know you are doing well. I wish you a full recovery and hope you are soon out and about enjoying your photography again. All the best to you, Elaine


  4. Sorry to hear of your heart attack and operations. I hope you nonetheless had a pleasant Christmas and New Year.


  5. fionajcandy

    So good to read here that you are doing OK! Excellent news. Look forward to hearing from you in 2017 – that’s if you’ve got time in between all your projects!! Happy New Year!! Fiona 🙂


  6. So sorry to hear about this. I will certainly be there in Feb, well done for getting it all together.


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