Bedford Fields – The Girls From Brazil

The Brazilian beat hit the world of Bedford Field’s Forest garden in the heart of the city of Leeds with a bang when a group of students from Brazil decided to make the garden the site of their dissertation project for their studies in Environmental Engineering at nearby University of Leeds!

I’ve written and posted images on Bedford Fields a number of times (see the links below) – its an amazing acre of forest garden just a mile from the centre of Leeds – but really none of my visits compared to the one I made at the invitation of Joanna, then co-guardian of the garden, to pop over and photograph ‘The Brazilians’. What a force!

Samba blended with the most incredible rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody as the group set out transforming the inside of the newly acquired ‘classroom’ – an old shipping container – into a workable environment, after blitzing the garden itself with new planting and weeding. Just A-maz-ing. Thank you so much ladies for a brilliant afternoon!


Earlier visits to Bedford Fields can be traced back from the link to an earlier summer visit. For more on forest gardening, probably the best known exponent of forest gardening is a guy called Martin Crawford from the Agroforestry Trust and who has produced a semi-tropical feeling woodland on the Dartington estate in Devon – see The Agroforestry Trust website or for the Wikipaedia entry.


Click here to buy the book Unlikely Heroes – the documentary photobook about the current agrarian renaissance in England and Wales, and featuring Bedford Fields Forest Garden

[Double clicking on any of the images below will open up that image up in a slideshow format. You can then run the slide show using ‘left’ and ‘right’ buttons.  Personally I prefer to go also to full screen having opened the slide show – F11 on my PC, don’t forget to get out of full screen is the same button , not ESC!]

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