Four New Regional ‘Unlikely Heroes’ Exhibitions

There is a saying about buses, that you wait for hours for one to come along then two come at once. In this case I’ve been working on ideas for regional exhibitions under the umbrella of Unlikely Heroes for a while but with not much to show for it, now suddenly four exhibitions have been agreed for this coming Autumn!


Leeds – September 21st to October 1st, in conjunction with the staging of The Shed Crew, a play based on Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew, by Leeds-based Red Ladder Company. The play deals with life in east Leeds in the 1990’s (ie Cross Green) and the exhibition will feature the images made at the Cross Green Growing Together project. More information here.



Exeter – September 30th onwards in conjunction with OrganicARTS, a community arts group based at West Town Farm in Ide near Exeter. The exhibition will take the form of an art trail around the farm – en plein aire! I will be there for the opening weekend (September 30th and 1st October) to lead walks around the trail. There will also be subsidiary exhibitions in the Love Local Food van which tours the Exeter area and at the Harvest Farm Shop in Oakhampton. Watch this space! In the meantime more information here.




Manchester – Opening 19th October  with talk and presentation by myself at the Kindling Trust AGM at Bride 5 Mill in Ancoats. Delighted to be working with Chris, Helen and Debbie at Kindling, we have been talking about it for so long. Now it’s happening! More details as currently available here.



Newcastle – Opening 30th November, and running through December in the gallery area of Ernest cafe and bar just a short walk from the city centre in the Ouseburn area. Ernest should provide a high visibility venue for the north east group of growers – one of the strongest in the country in my opinion. The exhibition is by courtesy of Kate Hodgkinson, an artist herself and proprietor of nearby Cobalt Studios and who was introduced to me by Beth at Abundant Earth.  Few more details here, but this one is very much watch this space for full programme of linked events.

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