Exhibition With Red Ladder Theatre Company Now Showing

Just back in having put the finishing touches to hanging the images from Cross Green Growing Together work at the make-shift theatre that will house the Red Ladder Theatre Company production of  The Shed Crew. It’s a world premier of a play based on the best selling novel Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew, based in east end of Leeds. The theatre is a disused warehouse – the area where the pictures hang will be a theatre foyer and bar by 7 o’clock this evening!!!

Based in Leeds, Red Ladder is a radical theatre company with over 45 years of history, and is widely acknowledged as one of Britain’s leading national touring companies producing new theatre, contributing to social change and global justice. The company is funded by Arts Council England and by Leeds City Council.

Founded in 1968 in London, the company is rooted in the radical socialist theatre movement in Britain known as agitprop. Born into an era of riots, demonstrations and revolts, Red Ladder has grown up, kicking and screaming, into the 21st Century, where it continues to fight, to entertain, and to agitate in as equal measures as possible. The work of the company is targeted at being galvanising and stimulating. They aim to help people make sense of the world and understand the power that they and their communities have to change it.

Red Ladder returns to Leeds to open on 21 September with The Shed Crew.  The play harks back to the techno thumping, joy riding, glue-sniffing, dragon-chasing 90′s. Pounding beats, dirty streets, swirling haze and squalor – piss stained velour of the 1990’s in Leeds East i.e. Cross Green!!! Given the Cross Green connection and the fact that nothing ever stands still, even in Cross Green, I have been invited to hang some work in the foyer/bar area of the theatre…….which will be Albion Electrics Warehouse on South Accommodation Road for those who know Leeds.  Disused as a warehouse I am witness to be being converted into a vibrant theatre set from 21st September to 1st October!!

If you are around Leeds, do come. You are in for a treat!!!! Tickets via West Yorkshire playhouse here.






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