Special Offer From Locavore Magazine

Pre-Print Test

One dark night in the depths of winter, many moons ago, I received an email from a one Gavin Markham asking if I was interested in being featured, with photographs from Feeding Body and Soul, in a new magazine he was aiming to launch – Locavore, a full colour magazine dedicated to local food issues. With Gavin credentials impeccable as founder and director of The Green Guides, it didn’t take long to agree. That now seems an awful long time ago – its been along road for Gavin to realise his vision, and I understand at times painful one, but he is now there! As I write this the presses are running on the first issue – and he’s willing to make it available at special rates to followers of Feeding Body and Soul.

When you sign up to a subscription to Locavore and use the special Feeding Body and Soul promotional code loca01wlfbs10 you will receive a 10% discount on whatever subscription you take out. As I write Gavin still has some ‘founding subscriptions’ available at £28 for six issues (12 months) or £56 for 12 issues (24 months). Otherwise it is £32 for six issues or £64 for twelve issues. Alternatively you can buy a single issue at £9.  All issues are provided postage free, and whichever you choose, use the above code and you get the (further) 10% discount. Click here for more details.

AND…….. if you sign up by 31st October you will b entered into  a draw with a prize of £220 worth of organic, biodynamic wine. Sign up to the Locavore newsletter or Facebook page and you also get entered into a draw for one of three iron pans valued from Netherton Foundry.

Having had a pre-production glance at the first issue – and knowing it contains a 10-page feature on Feeding Body and Soul – I can thoroughly recommend Gavin’s new magazine. I’ve put a few sample pages below, and you can also see a preview on the Locavore site. Click here.

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