Almost Time……Yorkley Court

I hadn’t intended doing a post on a visit to Yorkley Court just shortly before the eviction. However, looking at the images from a rain-sodden day with no-one around in the garden, there is such a poignancy – a foreboding almost of what was to come from the nature itself – that I feel a post is warranted.

Yorkley was a community farm in the Forest of Dean set up by a group of squatter activists. The sad, sad story of its overthrow by a bullying, greed-driven system is recoded in full in my earlier post. Just click here. Do take a glance at the images though first which were taken just a matter of days before the end came.

Double clicking on any of the images will open up the images up in a slideshow format which you can then run using ‘left’ and ‘right’ buttons.  Full screen view can be opened with F11 – at least on my PC it is, actual key needed may vary. To get out of full screen its the same button, not ESC!]

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