Lammas Ecovillage- New Year Fire Destroys Lammas Village Home


It is difficult to describe the numbness I felt on learning that whilst I was celebrating the Lammas project with recent posts on three of the smallholdings in the project, one of the nine homes at Tir-y-Gafel was being raised to the ground in a ferocious fire.

As it happens, it wasn’t one of the homes that I featured, but that is neither here nor there. A home is such a special place, way beyond the actual building, and when it has been constructed with the labour and love that has to go into a Lammas building, its loss is almost unimaginable. But loss there has been of Simon and Jasmine Dale’s home. Hearts bleed, love and thoughts go out to them.

On a practical front, action is also being taken by their friend, Jane Wells, with a crowd funding project to raise money to start to rebuild their lives. Do see what Jane has to say and give it some thought. Just click here.

Amongst other sources, there is online coverage of the story by the BBC and the local Pembrokeshire Herald.

For more general background on Lammas, see the three posts I have made on Feeding Body and Soul:

Tao and Hoppi Wimbush

Cassie and Nigel Lishman

Melissa Holloway with Seleina Viimyrla




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  1. New Moons For Old

    What a horrible shock. I cannot bring myself to ‘like’ this post, I’m afraid, but only because it’s too, too sad.


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